Renew Your Florida Tag Florida License Plate

What is RenewExpress?

In Florida, Tax Collectors are responsible for processing and mailing tags. RenewExpress is the official online vehicle/vessel registration renewal service for many Florida Tax Collectors. If your county's Tax Collector does not use RenewExpress, you will be directed to an alternative online service.

Does this service cost anything?

A maximum $3.50 convenience fee per renewal will be applied, but lower cost payment options are also available.

Can I renew my tag online?

If your mailed renewal reminder notice has a 'PIN', then you should be able to renew online. Once you have located your renewal online you will be informed whether your renewal can be completed online. You cannot renew online if your proof of insurance is not on file with the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

How long before I receive my tag(s)?

You should receive your new tag(s) within 4 business days, but delivery may take up to 10 business days in some cases. All tags are processed and mailed by the County Tax Collector. Only if you have not received your tag(s) after 10 business days should you contact the Tax Collector.

Can I renew the registration for 2 years?

Yes, for most vehicle registration types.

Can I update my mailing and/or permanent address?


How is my registration renewal fee calculated?

The Florida DHSMV determines registration renewal fees based up various factors, including: vehicle type, vehicle weight, and plate type. A full breakdown of fees is located here:

When are registration renewal delinquent fees added?

Delinquent fees are added by the Florida DHSMV on the 11th day of the month after the registration expiry date. The expiry date is usually the birthday of the primary registrant (the first person listed on the registration). Registrations for motorcycles and vehicles owned by a company will expire in a month determined during your initial registration period. Registration expiry for mobile homes and RVs is December 31st.

How can I get a specialty plate?

You can get a specialty plate by visiting a County Tax Collector office:

How can I get a personalized plate?

You can get a personalized plate by visiting a County Tax Collector office:

What if I need to renew my tag in person?

You can renew in person by visiting a County Tax Collector office: